Netflix documetnary kiss the ground

Another documentary on Netflix misses the point

Netflix has another documentary, which misses the point. Although the core message is right: We can’t keep producing the same amount of red meat in the same way. The documentary suggests that a shift to organic farming would improve the soil health, what would help to grow more plants, what would store more carbon dioxide and help the biodiversity to thrill, and so on. In other words, it would reverse Climate Change.

However, it misses key points such as land use, deforestation or gasses emitted by the own ruminants. Eva-Marie Meemken and Martin Qaim from the University of Goettingen, Germany state: “Widespread upscaling of organic agriculture would cause an additional loss of natural habitats. It also entails output price increases, making food less affordable for poor consumers in developing countries.”

Paul Hawken, the author of Drawdown, the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse Global Warming, thinks the most effective solution is to tackle food waste. Later, the third is a plant-rich diet, and the fifth is to restore tropical forests. Regenerative annual cropping lies lower on the list.

Nicholas Carter, a writer at Plant-Based Data, adds: “There are no silver bullet solutions to climate change. Anyone who makes those claims simply does not understand science or has a very specific agenda.”

Although this Netflix documentary misses the point, it touches relevant points such as food waste, or water use.

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