trees planted during the National Tree Week.People plant millions of trees. Volunteer planting trees during the National Week Tree. City of trees organised the event. The charitiy City of Trees organise a massive planting around Manchester. It is published in The Gree Bee. Author Juanele Villanueva

Millions of trees planted during the National Tree Week

1st December 2019

Politics party pledged trees everywhere in its election campaign. Finally, regular people and charities have come to the field to dig the soil up and bury a shoot. Woodland Trust, the biggest charity for planting trees, has tried to encourage 1 million people last Saturday. Many organisations have joined the cause. Finally millions of trees were planted during the National Tree Week.

Planting trees is easy, the key is looking after them

Guy Shrubsole, from Friends of the Earth, congrats these pledges. Labour promises 2 billion trees by 2040. Shrubsole marked it as the ‘most ambitious’ pledge from a politic party. However, he reminds: «While parties have been racing to make bigger trees pledges it’s crucial to remember that trees will only help fix the climate crisis if emissions cuts happen at the same time».

And the fact is that the UK needs many trees to offset greenhouse gas emissions. The Committee for Climate Change advised doubling the planting rate to meet the carbon zero target by 2050.

According to the Forestry Commission, just 13.1% of the land in the UK is used for woodland. In Europe is 37%, although is not the same ratio in Spain than Germany.

Also, there are differences between the nations in the United Kingdom. In that ranking, Scotland is at the top with 19%, followed by Wales with 15%, and England 10%. Northern Ingland is on the bottom with 8%.

It is not only about plant trees but to keep the woodland, too

Scientists are working in measures to clean the air. Huge – and expensive machines for filtering the air in a big scale, or methods to capture the Co2 and store it under in the rocks underground. Nevertheless, there is one ancient way of cleaning the air: Trees.

In a study, the North Carolina State University states: «A tree can absorb as much as 48 pounds of carbon dioxide per year and can sequester 1 ton of carbon dioxide by the time it reaches 40 years old».

ONS stated that vegetation removed an estimated 1,298.9 thousand tonnes of pollutants from the air in 2017.

However, it is worth noting new plant trees do not remove the same amount of pollutants than the old one. It is not fair a 1 to 1 calculation for reforestation.

What’s in the north

Although the Committee for Climate Change advises the government to double the area with trees, It has been quite static since 1998. Friends of the Earth states that the public funding on planting trees has declined overall. In the financial year 2017-18 England, Wales and Scotland invest £56m.

FoE complains the funding system is insufficient and confusing. In England, it was invested £13.5m in 2017-18, 43% less than the previous year.

In the North is scheme The Northern Forest. Several organisations are planting trees from Liverpool in North West to Hull in North East. This includes trees in parks, in private lands and streets; everywhere.

City of Trees is the charity responsible for planting trees in the Greater Manchester area. A spokeswoman said: «City of Trees is planning to plant at least 3 million trees across Greater Manchester. We hope to plant many more depending on land and funding».

Last Saturday hundreds of people went to Bury for planting trees. It was alongside the Woodland Trust camping Big Climate Fightback. In Greater Manchester, there are 8,716 hectares of woodland.

The Green Bee was there and saw these warriors -of all ages- doing their bit for helping the climate.

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  • George -Bolton- knew about the event from his social media
  • All tools and snacks was provided to the volunteers
  • Mr and Mrs Davis have an allotment in Bury. They are keen on local agriculture
  • It was a sunny and friendly event
  • Lawren went with her boyfriend. She would like more people were conscious about environment
  • Kate, from Carbon Creative, purchase 4,000 trees to support the Northern Forest.
  •  trees planted during the National Tree Week. Local pople volunteer to plant trees during the national week tree. Many of them were with friends.
    trees planted during the National Tree Week. Local pople volunteer to plant trees during the national week tree. Many of them were with friends.

  •  trees planted during the National Tree Week. City og trees provided tools such as buckets or shover
    a woman with a shovel is planting trees in Manchester. City of trees organised a planting during the national week tree

    City of trees has more event for planting trees scheduled
  •  trees planted during the National Tree Week
    A group of people from the area joint to plant trees during the National Tree Week. City of trees organised the event.

    Tanya from Salford went there with her kids to educate the children and show them how important is to plant trees. Give back something to the environment.