GMCA presents the green summit. An ambitous plan to tackle climate crisis. An Stage with many participants. Extinction Rebellion caused a minor disruption

GMCA presents the Green Summit 2019

25 March 2019

GMCA presents the Green Summit, 2019. It’s a bold 5-years plan for facing Climate Change. This is the second edition. Last year was the first summit where politics, scientific, business leaders on the region show their compromise. Extinction Rebellion was there this edition to demand to declare Climate Emergency

On this event, GMCA showed what have they have done so far. But most importantly what it is needed to be done.

The word most times repeated was challenging, and it really is. Be carbon neutral by 2038, as Andy Burnham said, is hard. All sectors need support.

The Green Bee was at The Lowry in Media City to report the event on how GMCA presents the Green Summit.

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