Material Recovery facility at Longley Lane. This plus Manchester cleaner bin lorries help the region to be cleaner. Published at The Green Bee: Eco Journalism. Author Juanele Villanueva

Citizens are gonna fix it

Waste Hierarchy: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle It’s possible to buy leftovers from restaurants before throw away In a zero-waste shop you may find most of the things of daily use GMCA organise open days in its Material Recovery Facilities

What are we NOT doing well?

Fly-tipping and other anti-social behaviour WASTE IS A REAL PROBLEM, part 2 It is the first year with less fly-tipping incidents since 2014 There was on average 144 incidents per day in Greter Manchester It was nearly £5 million in clearance costs Manchester City Council got £35,000 in fines after spent £3 millions

Greater Manchester sends more waste for burning than recycling

9 September 2019 Europe produced over 2.5 billion tonnes of waste in 2016 The Household recycling rate in the UK is 45.7% on average GMDWA sent almost 44% for recycling GMWDA only recycle pplastic bottles For years, the West has relied on third countries with softer laws for dumping its waste. But in 2017, China …

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