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Let nature be

The organisation Rewilding Britain is doing a campaign to let nature be; as easy as that. They published recently a report which states that the climate areas ar moving 5km per year northwards. To face that and help biodiversity to emigrate, they are asking for establishing 5% of the Britain soil as core rewilding area, and 25% of green corridors.

This is not new, though. There are many other such as Nature Recovery Network by the Wildlife Trust, and the National Ecology Network by the Scottish government. However, just plant trees won’t bring back the life to the woodlands.

Not all species can move at the same pace. Obviously, a tree can’t just unroot here and move there. DNA studies of American Beech and Red Maple suggest it moved about 100 metres per year, while today they would need a rate of 5,000 metres per year.

In the sea, the climate zones are moving towards the poles, too. There, the species found fewer barriers. Studies suggest that warm water species are moving north at speeds of up to 50 kilometres per year.  Unfortunately, this is not fast enough.

On the other hand, the UK will host this year the COP26 in November in Glasgow. Therefore, Boris Johnson wants to show leadership on the fight against climate change; he said: “We can’t afford to dither and delay, because biodiversity loss is happening today. It is happening at a frightening rate. If left unchecked, the consequences will be catastrophic for us all.”

So, asks Rewilding Britain, please, let nature be.

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